Salzman Lab

High throughput functional genomics:
Deciphering the splicing code, RNA Function

Sequencing technology has enabled simple ways of attaining a near complete reference genome for most known organisms. However, a fundamental mystery about the genome of essentially all organisms remains: how and why do they produce orders of magnitude more RNA species than they have genes?


This question raises a host of other foundational questions, among them: what predictive models underlie this RNA expression program; what are the single-nucleotide resolved, spatial control of RNA isoforms and how are they dysregulated in human disease?  We tackle these problems by developing general technology and studying important biological ‘special cases’ using interdisciplinary quantitative approaches from statistics, computational biology, molecular biology and biochemistry.

Image courtesy of CHTN

Image courtesy of CHTN

We are currently recruiting talented undergraduate, graduate students, medical research fellows and post-docs to join our research efforts.

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